Our Manufacturing

At Star Armory our team is dedicated to providing only the best parts and equipment.  Our goal is to manufacture only quality products at reasonable prices.    This is why we perform the following processes as a standard on every item.

  • 100% steel part integrity testing that goes beyond  the MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected) standard.  Using our proprietary non-magnetic high current material resistance testing* we can detect structural defects deep within the parts such as internal fractures and metal density weaknesses as opposed to MPI which only checks for surface defects.
  • All our barrels are hand lapped using real lead for better accuracy, easier cleaning and eliminating the need for barrel break-in.
  • We properly crown our barrels, insuring that the bullet exist point is even, thus improving accuracy.
  • Our barrel chambers are completely polished to insure you do not experience failures to eject when using quality ammunition.
  • Bolts have the gas key properly staked.  Additionally, extractor spring strength is tested to make sure it performs flawlessly.  Bolt rings are rotated individually and offset from each other.
  • Our upper receivers are carefully lapped to insure proper mating between the barrel and the upper.
  • Parts that we source from contract manufacturers are carefully inspected to meet mil specs and are detailed and polished to insure proper fit and smooth operation.
  • Complete upper assemblies (BCG included units) and complete rifles have the head space measured and are test fired to insure smooth cycling and proper barrel/upper alignment.


    *patent pending