The hard hitting .300 AAC Blackout is the new choice of law enforcement around the world for urban warfare More »

Only the Best Manufacturing Methods

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The 9mm CANIK TP9 is an extremely reliable sidearm used by law enforcement and military around the world More »

International Law Enforcement Supplier

We have years of experience supplying Law Enforcement agencies around the world. More »

37mm Launchers!!!

37mm Launchers and accessories. No FFL Needed! Shipping and handling included More »

No Hidden Fees or Charges

Our prices include shipping and handling within the continental United States. No hidden fees or charges More »

Different Caliber Upper Assemblies

458 SOCOM, 300 Blackout and 5.56 NATO Uppers Ready to attach to any standard AR-15 lower receiver. More »

Cabine Gas-Tube Kit 4

Sale on Gas Tubes!

Carbine Length and Pistol Length Gas Tubes

High Quality Stainless Steel

Roll Pin included

Made in the USA!

The New Star Armory 300 Blackout Test Fired

Video of our new 300 Blackout being test fired.  Since then we have tested in different settings and it has performed extremely well.  One of our CNC operators is an excellent marksmen and gets 1/2″ groups at 150 yards.